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LightRail Add A Lamp Hardware Only Light Mover (No Rail or Rod)

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Manufacturer LightRail
Brand LightRail
Model GL56710010
UPC 689001390015
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6 Jul 2017

The Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen

Installing under cabinet lighting in your kitchen has many benefits. Under cabinet lighting uses low-voltage bulbs to make tasks easier and safer by delivering directed light to a specific area.

6 Jul 2017

Portable Light Towers for Convenient Lighting in Remote Areas

A light tower is one of the most useful illumination devices for lighting up large areas. It essentially comprises a tall post that has been fixed with a light assembly at its upper end.

6 Jul 2017

Lemon Battery Light Bulb Experiment


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    I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. Her name is Shirley. Shirley is a retired nurse whose husband passed away a few years ago. She lives by herself in a three bedroom brick ranch home a few miles away from me.

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    4 Jul 2017 Posted By Kenny O.

    Simple Ways to Keep you House Cool in the Summer

    Don't sweat it out when you don't have to. Got your A/C running and still feel warm? Here are some tips that will help keep you and your home feeling cooler, will help reduce your energy bills and make you feel overall better on those hot summer days.


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