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7 Jul 2017

Finding the Perfect Touch Lamp


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Posted By Darin G.

While a touch table lamp can be complex on the inside, the outside can be simple and beautiful. These lamps have features that allow you to control different levels of brightness depending the mood you like to set. They are also easy to use because they require only a touch of your finger to operate. If you are trying to find a lamp that is within your budget, you need to shop around to find the best deal and still find one that fits your style.

Prices on these touch lamps can really vary due to different factors. The brand, material, model and style can all affect the price. Certain brands that are well known may be higher in price. Don't feel that you can't buy a lamp from a brand you are not familiar with. They can often be lower in price but still reliable. Just check reviews before buying. The material can greatly affect the price as well. Depending on the style you want, lampshades can be constructed of satin, twill or plastic. Different models will have different wattages. The stronger the wattage is, the more costly the lamp may be. You can purchase LED light bulbs that will increase the brightness of your lamp.

Do some research online before you purchase your new touch lamp. You can compare different websites side by side and find the best price for you. Often website companies offer deals such as free shipping. Scour the local garage sales and swamp meets on weekends. You can find lamps in great condition for a fraction of the price. If you have great bargaining skills, use them. You might be able to bring the price down even more. Watch for sales in your local department stores and newspaper ads. Stores need to turn their inventory often and then will lower prices on lamps to try and sell them.

You also need to consider the style and theme of your room before purchasing a new lamp. Consider where you will place your lamp and think about what colors will work well with it. Ask yourself what theme your room is. Is it rustic or modern? Country or sleek? This can help you narrow down your search. You also need to consider if you want your lamp to be simple and blend into your current home décor or if you want it to stand out. Simple lamps will generally have a low price point. The more decorative a lamp is, the higher the price may go.

When deciding on how much you want to budget for your new lamps, consider the usage. Will you be using it daily? How often will you turn it on and off? If it will be used quite often, look for a lamp that is higher quality. It may be a bit more expensive, but it will last longer. This will save you money over time as you will not have to replace it when it breaks. If it is to placed in a room where it will be rarely used, you can cut costs by buying a lower quality one with a cheaper price tag.


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